Literati and Adobe Digital Editions

Literati IS NOT compatible with Windows 7!

Have a Windows version earlier than Windows 7?  Can’t get Adobe Digital Editions to recognize your Literati?  You’re not alone.  You may need to reset the Adobe Digital Editions folder on your computer.

Try these steps:

Confirm that Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is properly authorized.

1. To confirm Adobe Digital Editions is authorized properly, take the following steps.

  • In Adobe Digital Editions, from the title list view, go to the Library menu and select Authorize computer.
  • If ADE is authorized, move on to #2.
  • If ADE is not authorized, proceed through the steps to Authorize it with an Adobe ID.

2. Reset the ADE folder on the Literati:

  • Close Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Connect the Literati to your computer.
  • Under My Computer or Computer, open the drive associated with your device (likely named Literati (X:) where X is the drive letter).
  • Locate the folder .adobe-digital-editions and delete it.

3. Open Adobe Digital Editions. You should see the Device Setup Assistance dialog.

  • Click the Authorize Device button.

Once this has completed, you should be able to transfer your title to your device.


Security Update and Windows Visa or Windows 7 Computer

The Security Update won’t load on my Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer.  Help!

Please use the link below to attempt to manually upgrade the Security Upgrade for the OverDrive Media Console. Please note that you have to use Internet Explorer to access this link.
Manually load Security Update:

If this link fails to correct the issue then try this link