Tips for Getting Library eBooks

Tip #1:  Got a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Nexus (running Android), and have no idea how to get eBooks from the library?

In the “Getting started with Android” article, you’ll find a simple instructions on how to install the software needed, find a title and enjoy it on your new Android device.

Tip #2:

Confused with the error messages or don’t understand something?

In the OverDrive Help section of the eMedia Catalog the ‘Search’ bar will take you to more specific articles addressing a variety of troubleshooting issues. Just type in a keyword or two to find what you need. It’s best to keep your searches simple.  For instance, if you’re looking for information on how to download eBooks directly to a Sony Reader Wi-Fi, try searching for “download to Sony Reader” rather than entering a complete question. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the first try, simplify your search, or change a word and try again.  In our example, we could search for “Sony Reader” and still find what we’re looking for.  Try starting somewhat specific, then get more general if you have trouble finding what you need.

Tip #3:

When you’re not sure where to start go to OverDrive Help. You will see that there IS a help site, and that it’s easy to use.  If you find something hard to use, inaccurate, or simply yearn for some feature we have yet to add, just let us know.  We’re here to help, after all!


My Sony eReader won’t Open an eBook, Help!

I was able to open an Adobe eBook on my Sony Reader before, but now when I try to open it, Sony Reader shows a ‘Protected Page’ error message. What should I do?

This is a known issue with some Sony Readers, especially older Sony Readers, wherein if borrowed eBooks in one format are used on the Reader, then a borrowed eBook in an alternate format is transferred to the same Sony Reader, eBooks in the most recently transferred format will function while eBooks in the first format will show the ‘Protected Page’ error. To use the desired format, transfer a title in that format again. All borrowed titles in this most recently transferred format will be usable.