Problems getting ebooks on a Palm PDA


I’m having a problems getting my ebooks onto my PDA (Palm) using  the Overdrive Media Console. I’m trying to Hot Sync them and it’s not working.  How should I be doing it?


Adobe Reader for Palm does support DRM but synching Adobe Reader books to a Palm device is not very intuitive. There are many opportunities for something to go wrong.

In this case the problem is the method that the patron is using to transfer the file. Unlike virtually every other kind of file, PDFs cannot simply be transferred to a device by performing a Hot Sync.

The proper transfer method:

  1. Right-click on the title in the Bookshelf of the desktop version of Adobe Reader.
  2. Choose ‘Send to Mobile Device’.

This starts a process that converts the static text to dynamic, reflowable text. This process may take some time. When this is done a message will appear that the book will be transferred to their device the next time that they perform a Hot Sync operation.

The Hot Sync is performed at this point, and the title should (cross your fingers) work on the Palm device at this point.