Kindle Device Grayed Out on Amazon

When I try to send a library ebook to my Kindle, it’s grayed out. Why?

On February 10th, there was  change in how eBooks published by Penguin Books are transferred to a Kindle eReader.  They are transferred using an USB cable. These eBooks can be identified in the eMedia Catalog by their link which reads Kindles and free Kindle apps via USB only:


How to Transfer Library eBooks to Kindle Using USB

If you don’t have WiFi access you can transfer your Library eBook to your Kindle using an USB cable.  Amazon Kindle Support provides the steps to follow to do it. Go to Amazon Kindle Support downloading without a wireless connection and follow the steps. There is even a video to show you how it’s done!

Extending the Due Date on Your Kindle eReader

Is your due date fast approaching for the eBook you are reading on your Kindle eReader?

There is an easy way to extend the due date and keep reading your eBook! Just turn off your wireless connection on the Kindle till you are done reading the book.  When you are done, turn the wireless back on and the eBook will expire as usual.