There’s an App for Nook Color, Tablet and Kindle Fire!

Did you know there is an app for OverDrive Media Console for your Nook Color, Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire?

To get the app on your Nook Color or Nook Tablet read Getting the Nook Tablet App. Follow the steps and you’ll be downloading directly to your device in a few minutes.

Why should you use the OverDrive Media Console app? For Nook Tablet users it’s a lot faster and easier to get eBooks. You do need WiFi access. If you don’t have WiFi in your home you may use the free WiFi at any of the Libraries, Starbucks, McDonald’s or your other favorite coffeehouse.

To get the app on your Kindle Fire read Kindle Fire Users Rejoice. 

Why should you use the OverDrive Media Console app? This app allows you to download ePUB formatted eBooks and MP3 Audio Books to your Kindle Fire.  Without it you can not get ePUB formatted eBooks.  Some publishers do not allow us to offer their books in Kindle eBook format but will allow ePUB format so it opens up a larger choice of eBooks to you.  Also, all the selecting and downloading is down in the app which is actually easier than sending the eBook to Amazon first before syncing it to your device.


Kindle Fire and Library eBooks

We don’t have a Kindle Fire yet but some patrons are reporting issues about how to get Library eBooks onto their Kindle Fire Tablet.

I did locate this information which maybe helpful for new Kindle Fire owners.


Go to our eMedia Catalog an get the Overdrive app from  To get the app, you need to click on Mobile/Android device and then click where it says “If your device doesn’t support Android Market, you can download OverDrive Media Console for Android from OverDrive.”

Once you have an item checked out and downloaded via the Amazon app (that part works the same as the Kindle eReaders downloads from our eMedia Catalog), go to Settings/Wi-Fi and tap on Sync. Then the book will show in the bookshelf and be able to be read.

The other problem with the app as it is now, unlike the app for iPad that only allows you to checkout and download material that will work with the iPad, the Kindle Fire app allows the user to checkout anything – some formats will not work on the Kindle Fire but are still considered checked out to the user (taking up some of their limit) and they are not returnable via the Amazon login. Kindle Fire only works with Kindle editions and MP3 audiobooks. No video, music of WMA formats.

Supposedly it will download epub editions but it requires the user to have an Adobe ID. Really hoping Amazon continues their cooperation with Overdrive and allows a better app to be made available.

Other comments about the Kindle Fire and Library eBooks can be found at the Customer Discussion site.