Freegal – why can I only stream some of the songs? Not download them?

With Freegal, you can download 6 songs per week, or stream 3 hours of music per day.

Usually, you can stream a song, or download it (and keep it forever) or both.

Some songs you can only stream. Here’s how you can tell:

When you click the three horizontal lines, to the right of the title of a song, you’ll see a pop-up box.

Freegal - a song you can only stream

Freegal – a song you can only stream

If the box has 2 choices: “Add to Playlist” and “Add to Wishlist”, that means you can only stream that song, using the blue arrow to the left of the title.

If you click the three lines and…

A Freegal song you can both stream and download

A Freegal song you can both stream and download

the box has THREE choices: “Download Now”, “Add to Playlist” and “Add to Wishlist”, that means you can both stream AND download that song.

Why are some songs different? The song’s publisher decides what you can do with that song. They’re the ones who decide if you can ONLY stream the song, or both stream AND download the song.


I can’t find my music downloads!

“Where are my downloads? I can’t find them in iTunes!”


Freegal‘s License Agreement allows for songs to be re-downloaded for a period of up to two weeks. (This is why your Recent Downloads page in Freegal lists only songs from the last two weeks.) Since your songs  were downloaded last month, they are not available for a re-download in your Recent Downloads page.

Our recommendation would be to check the download directory on your computer and look for the mp3 files there. When functioning on default settings, your browser will download the files to this download directory. When iTunes is set as the default media player, it will import those files from the directory into the iTunes player.

Freegal – Disconnection Issue

“Why do I keep getting bumped to the “About Us” page?”


This problem may be caused by a weak internet connection. Once you are logged in, Freegal checks the signal every 30 seconds. When it does not receive a signal in 60 seconds, the session times out and you are redirected to the “About Us” page.

If you are sure your internet connection is strong, then there may be an issue with IE 8. You may want to try another browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc) if this is the case. Also, IE9 is not currently supported by Freegal but they are working on it.

Free Music From the Library

Did you know you can get three free songs each week?  All you need is a library card and PIN.

To get your free downloads go to our Books, Movies & More page on the Library’s website (

Select the Music tab

Select Freegal Music Downloads

Enter your library card number and PIN

Select a song and click download.

Don’t have a computer at home?  You can use the library’s public computers to download songs.  You will need to bring your own USB jump drive to download to rather than the computer hard drive. If you don’t have one you can buy one at the library.