Getting error messages when downloading eAudio Books?

now in mp3 formatWe recently noticed patrons calling about receiving an error message when trying to download eAudio Books using OverDrive Media Console (OMC).  Some problems also have a screen they can’t seem to get rid of which is not good either.  Here is a suggestion which we have found works sometimes.

  1. On your device, open the device’s Settings
  2. Find the settings related to your browser, iOS devices will be Safari; Kindle Fire is just Web, Nexus is Chrome
  3. Look for Clear History or Data and do it
  4. Look for Clear Cookies and do it
  5. Some devices also have Clear cache so do that also.
  6. After clearing all of these, open the OMC app on your device
  7. Look for Home Menu for the OMC app. On most devices it is three lines home menu  in the upper left corner. (If you’re using the legacy version of OMC app, you won’t have a Home menu. Tap the Menu button instead).
    menu options
  8. Select Settings from the list
  9. Scroll down till you find GET BOOKS, delete the settings delete cookiesApp Cookies
  10. Next find PRIVACY, Clear History
  11. Now try re- downloading your eAudio Book.

If you still have problems give the Virtual Library a call 702.507.6300 Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. or email us at and we will try to help you resolve the issue.


Error Code 80040812 (eAudio & eBooks)

We’re sorry, but an error occurred while processing your download.
Error code:80040812
Error details: Failed call to fulfill the title.
The fulfillment limit (3) for the requested title has been reached.
If this problem persists, please contact support, providing the exact text of the error message displayed on this page.

Please contact the Virtual Library at 702.507.6300 or email us at:

You have 3 attempts to download the title then you get this error message.  By contacting us we can reset your downloads back to 3 for you to try again.

One issue which may cause you to get this error is Windows Media Security needs to be updated first before we reset your downloads. This update is required for Window Vista and Windows 7 computers. To update Windows Media Security see this update must be done using Internet Explore. It will not work with FoxFire or any other browser.