There’s an App for Nook Color, Tablet and Kindle Fire!

Did you know there is an app for OverDrive Media Console for your Nook Color, Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire?

To get the app on your Nook Color or Nook Tablet read Getting the Nook Tablet App. Follow the steps and you’ll be downloading directly to your device in a few minutes.

Why should you use the OverDrive Media Console app? For Nook Tablet users it’s a lot faster and easier to get eBooks. You do need WiFi access. If you don’t have WiFi in your home you may use the free WiFi at any of the Libraries, Starbucks, McDonald’s or your other favorite coffeehouse.

To get the app on your Kindle Fire read Kindle Fire Users Rejoice. 

Why should you use the OverDrive Media Console app? This app allows you to download ePUB formatted eBooks and MP3 Audio Books to your Kindle Fire.  Without it you can not get ePUB formatted eBooks.  Some publishers do not allow us to offer their books in Kindle eBook format but will allow ePUB format so it opens up a larger choice of eBooks to you.  Also, all the selecting and downloading is down in the app which is actually easier than sending the eBook to Amazon first before syncing it to your device.


Tips for Getting Library eBooks

Tip #1:  Got a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Nexus (running Android), and have no idea how to get eBooks from the library?

In the “Getting started with Android” article, you’ll find a simple instructions on how to install the software needed, find a title and enjoy it on your new Android device.

Tip #2:

Confused with the error messages or don’t understand something?

In the OverDrive Help section of the eMedia Catalog the ‘Search’ bar will take you to more specific articles addressing a variety of troubleshooting issues. Just type in a keyword or two to find what you need. It’s best to keep your searches simple.  For instance, if you’re looking for information on how to download eBooks directly to a Sony Reader Wi-Fi, try searching for “download to Sony Reader” rather than entering a complete question. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the first try, simplify your search, or change a word and try again.  In our example, we could search for “Sony Reader” and still find what we’re looking for.  Try starting somewhat specific, then get more general if you have trouble finding what you need.

Tip #3:

When you’re not sure where to start go to OverDrive Help. You will see that there IS a help site, and that it’s easy to use.  If you find something hard to use, inaccurate, or simply yearn for some feature we have yet to add, just let us know.  We’re here to help, after all!

Kindle Device Grayed Out on Amazon

When I try to send a library ebook to my Kindle, it’s grayed out. Why?

On February 10th, there was  change in how eBooks published by Penguin Books are transferred to a Kindle eReader.  They are transferred using an USB cable. These eBooks can be identified in the eMedia Catalog by their link which reads Kindles and free Kindle apps via USB only:

Extending the Due Date on Your Kindle eReader

Is your due date fast approaching for the eBook you are reading on your Kindle eReader?

There is an easy way to extend the due date and keep reading your eBook! Just turn off your wireless connection on the Kindle till you are done reading the book.  When you are done, turn the wireless back on and the eBook will expire as usual.

eBook Samples Give You Instant Access to Content

How many times have you checked out twenty plus books at a time from your library? More than likely, you didn’t read every book in the three-week lending period. Chances are you were just sampling most of them.

Now we are replicating this experience online by adding thousands of in-copyright eBooks with free “eBook Samples” button for immediate access on your eReader or eReader app. You can experience stories immediately on your own eReader or mobile device and decide if they are right for you, ultimately this will reduce your holds and wait lists times.

When available, the word “Sample” will appear below a jacket. Curious readers can easily click and enjoy 10 percent of each title before deciding to check it out or not.

Samples can be accessed from a search results page:

Or from a details page:

The eBook sample will show up in your readers’ bookshelf and looks just like a regular eBook download. With thousands of popular and bestselling titles to choose from, eBook samples is the first stop for discovering and enjoying books, both online and off.

To try the eBook samples, visit our eMedia Catalog.

Free Ebook Sites

Although the Library District Overdrive collection is constantly adding new titles, there are two other sites to search for free ebooks or to see if an individual title is formatted and available from a major ebookstore vendor.

Inkmesh is an ebook search engine and can also be used to compare ebook prices, search by subject and to locate free ebooks. Clicking on the about link will list the sites that are searched. Additionally, there is a link for promotional free e-books.

Freebooks: The site has ebooks in many formats which include public domain and original books. It is also an independent digital publishing house for ebooks uploaded by authors.