Penguin eBooks, Kindle and iPad (iOS device)

If you are using a Kindle App on an iPad or other iOS device, you will not be able to read any Kindle eBooks published by Penguin.  However, you can read the ePub format of the Penguin eBook using the OverDrive Media Console and not the Kindle app.

You can easily identify a Penguin eBook for Kindle eReaders in the catalog. It has a description after the Kindle icon which reads: “Kindles and free Kindle apps via USB only“. In the title below, if you have an iPad select EPUB format and download it using the OverDrive Media Console for the iPad which can be downloaded for free from your app store.


Library eBooks for Kindle eReaders

Do you have a Kindle eReader and want to learn how to get the library eBooks on it?

Here’s our Kindle How to Guide to get you start with library ebooks.

All you need is a Wifi connection and a computer or a tablet to check out ebooks for our eMedia Catalog.

Kindle Fire users can follow this guide as well, the difference is you can do everything directly on your Kindle Fire, no computer needed!

Amazon Updates the Kindle App for Windows and Mac


Amazon announced a new update for the Kindle App for Windows PC (and OSX).

The app now has support for 5 languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese).

Along with the language support there is also the Shelfari search function. Depending on the title book  extras will display from a couple brief entries on a book to a whole annotated bibliography with a book summary, character bios, plot description, and more.

eBook Samples Give You Instant Access to Content

How many times have you checked out twenty plus books at a time from your library? More than likely, you didn’t read every book in the three-week lending period. Chances are you were just sampling most of them.

Now we are replicating this experience online by adding thousands of in-copyright eBooks with free “eBook Samples” button for immediate access on your eReader or eReader app. You can experience stories immediately on your own eReader or mobile device and decide if they are right for you, ultimately this will reduce your holds and wait lists times.

When available, the word “Sample” will appear below a jacket. Curious readers can easily click and enjoy 10 percent of each title before deciding to check it out or not.

Samples can be accessed from a search results page:

Or from a details page:

The eBook sample will show up in your readers’ bookshelf and looks just like a regular eBook download. With thousands of popular and bestselling titles to choose from, eBook samples is the first stop for discovering and enjoying books, both online and off.

To try the eBook samples, visit our eMedia Catalog.

How To Get Started with Library eBooks

I have been doing workshops all month long and many eReader owners are now reading free ebooks from the library.  If you have not been able to attend one of the classes, we will be doing more classes in September.  But what if you can’t wait till then?  I’m making available the booklet I provide in the class which is very detailed.

I hope this makes it easier for you to get started with Library eBooks.

Please download the ebook eReader Downloading 101.

For those of you with a mobile device such as a iPad, tablet or smartphone and want to read eBooks on one of these devices please download the eBooks Mobile Devices 101.


OverDrive’s eBook & audiobook app for Windows Phone now available

Today we released OverDrive Media Console for Windows Phone, which enables Windows Phone users to download EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks from public, K-12 school, and higher ed libraries. We’re excited for this release, not just because library eBooks and audiobooks will be available on popular smartphones such as LG Quantum, Samsung Focus, and HTC Trophy, but also because it means OverDrive now supports every major mobile and desktop operating system, including Windows, Mac, iPad/iPhone (iOS), Android, and BlackBerry.

Like OverDrive’s apps for other mobile platforms, the Windows Phone app includes a “Get Books” feature so that users can easily find your library. Users can then browse the mobile version of your ‘Virtual Branch’ website, check out an EPUB eBook or MP3 audiobook with a library card, and download the title directly to their device. While the feature set remains the same, the OverDrive app takes advantage of the Windows Phone platform to provide a unique user experience.

The free OverDrive Media Console for Windows Phone app is available in the Windows Phone Marketplace and can be installed on all Windows Phone devices.

Check out the Windows Phone app on your device or watch the video below, and let us know what you think.

Provided by Dan Stasiewski is a public relations manager for OverDrive.

Barnes and Noble Announce a New Nook eReader

The new Nook model is more compact than the Nook Color with built-in Wi-Fi, 2GB of storage—expandable using the microSD slot, a weight of 7.48 ounces, and a battery life claim of two months on a single charge. Navigation is by both touch and side buttons with a “Fast Page” feature that allows scanning through the content to find a page or section.

This new device will work with Library eBooks from our eMedia Catalog.

The shipping date for the Nook is June 10.  For reviews of the new Nook view Engadget, Tablet PC   or PCMag .