Pandigital eReaders


Finding eBooks checkout from the Library

It depends on which version of Pandigital eReader you have. It appears to be a bit tricky.  So far we have found the following which seem to deal with version 6 and 7 of Pandigital eReaders.  If you have a different Pandigital and find your library ebooks, please share your findings with us.

Option 1: eBooks checked out from the Library’s eMedia Catalog maybe stored under a special Adobe eBooks option in the bottom pop up tab. Once you find your library eBooks, you need to check one and select View to open.

Option 2: The book will be in the Adobe books on the second view from Home page icons at the bottom of your screen. Only books from B&N show in the Library.

Some Pandigital eReaders have an icon called Reader, clicking this icon will display PDF and ePUB books downloaded from the library. Click on the image below to make it larger.

Click on image to make larger



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