Sony Reader File Association

The Problem:

When I try to transfer an eBook to my Sony eReader using Adobe Digital Editions it wants to use the software which came with my Sony eReader.

The Answer:

If you are successful using the Sony software to transfer titles then it would be recommended to continue the procedure. The file associations for .acsm files are defaulted to your Sony Reader software.

Overdrive’s system is setup for Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)  for both downloading and transferring e-book titles.  If you want to use ADE you can change the file association on your computer. As with all things regarding computers, please proceed with caution when making any changes to the configuration or your home computer. File associations are what determine what programs opens with what type of files. For example: Microsoft Word uses the .doc file extension for opening documents.

Visual representation of the procedure:

Here are the steps to recreate the file associations for Adobe Digital Editions on a computer running Windows 7 or Vista:

1. Go to “Start > Control Panel”.
2. got to ‘Programs’
3. Open “Default Programs”.
4. Click on “Associate a file type or protocol with a program”.
5. Navigate to “.acsm”.
6. Click “Change Program”.
7. Select “Adobe Digital Editions”.
8. Click “OK”.
9. Try downloading a book again.


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