Error Code 80040812 (eAudio & eBooks)

We’re sorry, but an error occurred while processing your download.
Error code:80040812
Error details: Failed call to fulfill the title.
The fulfillment limit (3) for the requested title has been reached.
If this problem persists, please contact support, providing the exact text of the error message displayed on this page.

Please contact the Virtual Library at 702.507.6300 or email us at:

You have 3 attempts to download the title then you get this error message.  By contacting us we can reset your downloads back to 3 for you to try again.

One issue which may cause you to get this error is Windows Media Security needs to be updated first before we reset your downloads. This update is required for Window Vista and Windows 7 computers. To update Windows Media Security see this update must be done using Internet Explore. It will not work with FoxFire or any other browser.


2 thoughts on “Error Code 80040812 (eAudio & eBooks)

  1. my e-audio book soul harvest did not down load the whole book. when i tried 2 go back 2 re-download the book it said i already checked it out. what can i do so i can finish reading this book?

    • Some eReaders allow you to keep reading an ebook, if you turn off the WiFi on the eReader and/or don’t hook it up to a computer. Also, don’t close the book and open a different book, keep it open. You can turn off the eReader with the book open. If this doesn’t work all you can do after the expiration date is to check the book out again or if it’s not available (others are on the waiting list) you will need to request it again.

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