Kindle DX

How do I get library eBooks on my Kindle DX?  I tried using my Internet connection on the Kindle DX and the eBooks will not transfer.

The problem is your Kindle DX does NOT come with WiFi. It ONLY has 3G (check out this Kindle ereaders comparison chart a bit down the page). Library eBooks can not be transferred using 3G to your device.  This is true for any eReader with 3G. You have to use a WiFi system (Libraries offer free WiFi as well as a variety of other local sites including Starbucks and McDonalds).

However, not all is lost!  You can transfer Library eBooks to your Kindle DX using an USB cable and a computer.

  1. Install the Kindle App on your computer.
  2. Checkout a Kindle eBook from the Library
  3. Send it to your computer.
  4. Connect your Kindle DX to the computer with it’s USB cable.
  5. Find the book on your computer and copy it to your Kindle DX.

For more in-depth instructions  see our blog post:  How to Transfer eBooks to your Kindle.


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