eBook Samples Give You Instant Access to Content

How many times have you checked out twenty plus books at a time from your library? More than likely, you didn’t read every book in the three-week lending period. Chances are you were just sampling most of them.

Now we are replicating this experience online by adding thousands of in-copyright eBooks with free “eBook Samples” button for immediate access on your eReader or eReader app. You can experience stories immediately on your own eReader or mobile device and decide if they are right for you, ultimately this will reduce your holds and wait lists times.

When available, the word “Sample” will appear below a jacket. Curious readers can easily click and enjoy 10 percent of each title before deciding to check it out or not.

Samples can be accessed from a search results page:

Or from a details page:

The eBook sample will show up in your readers’ bookshelf and looks just like a regular eBook download. With thousands of popular and bestselling titles to choose from, eBook samples is the first stop for discovering and enjoying books, both online and off.

To try the eBook samples, visit our eMedia Catalog.


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