Authorizing My Nook Using a MAC

I’m having a problem authorizing my Nook.  People told me to delete the Adobe Digital Edition file on my Nook but there is no file there to delete! Help!

Nooks come pre-loaded with Adobe Digital Editions which is wonderful if you own a PC computer but if all you have is a MAC then you have a problem.  In order to get your Nook to talk to you MAC you will need to find a PC computer. If you can’t find a neighbor with one, any library windows computer will work.

To delete the adobe-digital-editions folder on your Nook:

  1. Plug in your Nook to a windows PC.
  2. Go to Start
  3. Select Computer or My Computer
  4. Select  MyNook  drive and open the drive
  5. On the drive find the folder called.adobe-digital-editions

  6. Delete this folder and disconnect your Nook
  7. Plug your Nook into your MAC
  8. Open the program Adobe Digital Editions on your MAC and it should now see your Nook.
  9. Authorize it using your Adobe Digital Editions ID (your email address and password you created when you installed Adobe Digital Editions on your MAC)

Enjoy your Nook!


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